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The monster has returned... and I love it. ♥

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Nov. 7th, 2010 | 11:59 pm
mood: nostalgic nostalgic

If I had had this LJ when I was 10, back then there still would have been a lot of Pokemon stuff on here. I've loved Pokemon for such a long time. But, when I was 10, my absolute favorite part of Pokemon was Drew. I was such a Contestshipper, even though I had no clue what "shipping" was back then... Drew was my favorite character and I thought he looked so cute with May, and my brother got so mad at me because I said I didn't care about Ash and his gym battles very much any more, etc.

So, the other day I was putting off writing my paper, and there were no parties to go to, and there was seriously just NOTHING TO DO. So I thought, "Hey, I should watch some old Pokemon episodes just to feel that good nostalgic feeling!" So, I decided to watch something from Hoenn, since Hoenn is a million times better than Kanto/Johto. (And Sinnoh is the best, but I won't get into all that.) And I was watching it, and everything seemed normal and I got excited at hearing the old theme song... and then I saw Drew. And I was like "I think... I used to be a Drew fangirl."

So I watched the whole episode. And it was pretty cute. So then I watched the next one, and it was even cuter. And then I searched Youtube for every single episode with Drew and May that I could find... oh hell yes I think I am a Contestshipper again. ♥

I'm not getting into the stupid "Is it canon? Is it not canon? Are all the Ash/May shippers going to beat us up?" argument... I just think it's really cute. And it's so weird, because I liked it when I was 10, and now I like it again. I feel so old because it's been 8 years!!!

Although I don't think I ever realized how much of a jerk Drew actually is until now. But still... my very favorite character is Cyrus so I don't really think Drew has problems comparatively. ;)

And I feel really creepy saying all this because he's like 10 but seriously there are no Pokemon guys my age. And since he was 10 when I was 10 it's all okay because we are technically the same age. Ok? Ok.


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